Terms and Conditions

LIABILITY RELEASE INDEMNITY AGREEMENT~AGREEMENT OF PARTICIPATION: I acknowledge that surfing and related activities are hazardous activities and that I have made a voluntary choice to participate in those activities despite the risks that they present, inconsideration of my being permitted to participate in the HSA/HTA Series and Championship. I agree to assume any and all risk or injury of death which might be associated with or result from my participation in the series or championship. I understand that this waiver holds harmless the State of Hawaii, The City & County of Honolulu, The Hawaii Surfing Association, The Hawaii Surfing Production, Hawaii Tourism Authority, Sponsors, and Promoters of all the events listed as well as all members, administrators, officials and officers of the above mentioned parties from all/any liability for injuries and damage whatsoever arising from my presence or participation in the event. I, the undersigned have carefully read and understood this agreement and all of its terms. I understand that this is a release of liability, which will legally prevent me or any other person from filing suit or making any other legal claim from damages in the event of my death or any injury to me. I agree that 20.00 of the 35.00 is tax deductible. I also agree to conduct myself in a professional and sportsmanlike manner before, during and after and while I am in the vicinity of all HAS/HTA related events. I agree that I will review the rules and regulations or any unprofessional or unsportsmanlike conduct will be cause for immediate disqualification from the event at the discretion of the President or the Executive Director of HSA. I understand that all entry fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. I further agree HAS, HTA or any other subsidiary or affiliate there, may photograph me on film or tape, and recorded my voice conversation and sounds during and in connection with the event. I agree that HAS, HTA or any such subsidiary or affiliate shall be the sole owner of the results and proceeds of such portions thereof and my name, voice, likeness and biographical material and editorial comment concerning may be used, published, displayed or copyrighted in any and every form style, size or color by HSP. It’s subsidiary or affiliated, their successors and assigns, or by any other person, corporation or association duty authorized by HAS, HTA or any such subsidiary or affiliate, without any restriction or limitation whatsoever, forever and throughout the world in all media, including without limitation print, radio, motion pictures, television, and video cassettes, when use in connection with the advertising series or any of the event. We would like to have all competitors be aware of the ocean and environment. HAS, HTA would like everyone to pick up trash and rubbish in their area. We will be doing beach cleanup at each event.